Saturday, May 14, 2016

Are Karapatan and Duterte working together to allow the communist rebels in Mindanao to have a breathing spell to consolidate and expand?

Leftist and CPP-NPA-NDF sympathizer Karapatan, which pretends to be a legitimate human rights group defending militant activists, farmers, peasants and fishermen, is a long-time secret political ally of Duterte (just like the other leftist Partylists, e.g., Bayan, et. al.).

Karapatan has never publicly condemned Duterte for the 1, 400++ deaths inflicted by the notorious Davao Death Squads (DDS) in his city during his more than two decades of the leadership of his political dynasty there

Many world human rights organizations (Human Rights Watch, et. al.) have condemned Duterte for the DDS. 

Our own Commission on Human Rights (CHR), under its former chair Leila De Lima, has done so, too.

Karapatan asks Duterte to pull out the AFP troops in the indigenous communities in Mindanao.

As far as I am concerned the reason of Karapatan is not because our soldiers are feloniously killing our brother/sister Filipinos there. 

Its real reason is to allow the CPP-NPA-NDF to have a breathing spell to consolidate their forces there, strengthen their control in the area, continue collecting revolutionary taxes, enhance their communist propaganda efforts, and the like. 

In fine, the Communists want to be the governing entity there, not the democratic government of the Republic of the Philippines.

I do not believe the propaganda slant of Karapatan that our soldiers have killed 318 Filipinos in the area. 

I believe the claim of the AFP that many have died in the areas as a result of legitimate anti-CPP NPA NDF military operations there for many years now to assert the legitimate and constitutional authority of the Philippine government in the said areas and to prevent the deterioration of peace and order there. 

It is of public knowledge that the CPP-NPA-NDF have recruited may indigenous Filipinos are spies, couriers, soldiers (including child soldiers), financiers, propagandists, workers, and the like. 

I do not believe the propaganda claim of Karapatan that the alleged 2,700 evacuees at the Tandag Sports Complex in Surigao del Sur and at the United Church of Christ in the Philippines-Haran in Davao City were there because the AFP officers and soldiers are killing them. 

The fact is that those evacuees left their areas because of the intermittent bloody ambushes and encounters between our soldiers and the NPA rebels. 

If our soldiers are ordered by Duterte to abandon the conflict areas, it is tantamount to surrendering them to the communist rebels, hence, allowing the latter to expand and consolidate their rebel forces there.

If the self-confessed leftist/socialist Duterte would accede to the aforecited demand of Karapatan, which nothing but a front of the communist movement, he would place at risk our national security gains in the area.

I warn Duterte that, if he allows himself to be used as a tool and puppet of the CPP-NPA-NDF and their Fronts, he would incur the ire of the AFP and the PNP and the peace-loving Filipinos who abhor Communism and who uphold our Republic and Constitution.

Our country is founded on Democracy, Freedom, and Justice – the exact opposite of the ideology of Communism.