Thursday, May 19, 2016

Duterte's independent foreign policy in relation to China, according to incoming Acting Foreign Affairs Sec. Yasay

Duterte’s new Acting Foreign Affairs Secretary is ex-SEC chairman Yasay. They took up law together at San Beda College.

Yasay’s “acting capacity” appointment would allow Duterte’s vice presidential partner Sen. Cayetano to comply with the one-year appointment ban against defeated candidates.

Yasay says if the Philippines wins its pending UNCLOS arbitral case against China in re: our EEZ and other maritime entitlements under UNCLOS, China should respect the decision.

It is a relief to hear that.

Earlier Duterte stated during the campaign he would “cooperate” with China on the matter in exchange for railways and other investments.

Like Binay, Duterte stated that he was open to the idea of entering into joint ventures with China to jointly exploit the marine and mineral resources in our EEZ area.

Now it seems that, per Yasay’s recent statement, Duterte’s tune is changing from one of surrender to China (disguised as “cooperation”) into one of adopting an independent foreign policy to serve our national interest.

This is good, if true.

We will wait and see how things would develop during Duterte’s term.

“Consistency” is a word that does not exist in the Duterte Dictionary.

Ultimately, the people should intelligently weigh Duterte’s actions as against his rabble-rousing promises.