Friday, May 6, 2016

Proud to be a Catholic voter; voice of the people is voice of God; INC's illusion of block-voting power.

Now, the May 9 political situation is clear.

It's the 1.4-M INC block voters (for Duterte/Marcos tandem) vs. the 40-M Catholic independent and free voters (for Roxas/Robredo tandem).

INC is open about its block-voting command. 

It imposes its will on its flock on political matters.

CBCP is subtle about it.

It merely guides its freedom-loving flock without imposition and dictation.

Catholicism values freedom and respects suffrage.

"Free will" is a divine gift that Catholicism honors.

That's why I am proud to be a Catholic voter.

And that's why I am not threatened by the illusion of power of INC block voting.

God speaks thru a free, independent and honorable vote/suffrage.

Not via dictatorial impositions from a core of ministers.

Blind obedience and a faith based on fear are not correct paths to Heaven.