Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Role of Poe and Escudero (NPC) under the Duterte regime

No, Poe and Escudero (NPC) will not immediately join the Cabinet of Duterte (PDP-Laban).

The past public offer made by Duterte during the campaign to give Poe a major post in his Cabinet, if elected, can wait in the meantime.

For Poe and Duterte to immediately move to the Duterte Cabinet would expose their true colors as political butterflies.

Poe and Escudero will play it safe first.

They will first exhaust the balance of their current senatorial term until 2019.

They still have three more years in the Senate.

They will first enjoy the powers, prestige, salaries and other perks/benefits, and free publicity as senators.

Poe may run for re-election in the Senate in 2019, if she thinks it is safer.

Meanwhile, when Congress opens in July , Poe and Escudero will maneuver to control the top posts of Senate President and Majority Floor Leader of the Senate and the chairmanships of major committees in the Senate via a PDP-Laban-NPC coalition.

Poe and Escudero will entice the other Senators to do what traditional politicians do, that is, to change political colors and shift to a pro-Duterte PDL-Laban-PNC coalition, if they think they have the numbers.

They will likewise attempt to form the same PDP-Laban-NPC-led coalition in the Lower House.

The goals of Poe and Escudero are simple.

(a) To maintain themselves in power in the Senate until the 2022 presidential election when their NPC-funded tandem will make another attempt to occupy Malacanang. This time they hope that the incumbent Duterte Government would endorse and support them.

(b) To share power and major positions in the Duterte Cabinet when the proper time comes.

In fine, they will now surrender their hypocritical role as oppositionist fiscalizers.

From the beginning, the greed for power of Poe and Escudero has been obvious.

The people failed to see it, though.

Poe and Escudero succeeded in projecting an image of youthful idealism.

The people gave them an honest chance to prove their worth as young legislators.

Now, the truth is out. 

Poe and Escudero are Duterte’s new major political allies.

A PDP-Laban-NPC coalition will soon be born.

Only the Liberal Party (LP) will now remain as the genuine opposition.

The battle lines are clearer now.

The Poe-Escudero hypocritical camouflage is now exposed.