Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wisely exercise your “right to critical thinking” and your “freedom of expression, thought and conscience.”

We were busy yesterday blocking Duterte trolls and fanatics from our Twitter account.

We felt good and relieved exorcising the evil spirits of greed, hate and ignorance from our said social media timeline.

In dealing with regimented, indoctrinated and verbally violent/abusive Duterte fanatics one needs compassion, courage, patience and self-control.

The level of hate, mental cruelty and deception of Duterte trolls, attack dogs and spin doctors escalates as the Election Day approaches and as more and more damaging scandals and admissions are exposed about Duterte’s:

· Agitated life, mind and spirit,
· Corruption,
· Hypocrisy,
· Anti-social behavior and mental disorders,
· Pro-Communism platform,
· Anti-Constitution authoritarian vision, 
· Pro-Martial Law and pro-Fascistic Revolutionary Government dreams,
· Anti-Rule of Law and Anti-Bill of Rights stand,
· Psychotic greed for totalitarian fame, power and one-man rule, and 
· Total lack of comprehensive, rational and credible economic and foreign policy long-term action plans for the future of the country. 

Only one truly genuine, impartial and credible survey must be believed by the Filipino electorate: the May 9 election itself. 

As rational and reasonable human beings, stay away from the unthinking crowd mesmerized by hedonistic showbiz entertainment and bombastic speeches of fraudulent candidates, like Duterte, Binay, Marcos, et. al. 

Do not be an unwilling victim of that old and dangerous socio-psychological malady called the “bandwagon effect”.

Wisely and bravely exercise your “right to critical thinking” and your “freedom of expression, thought and conscience.”

May God protect the Filipinos from frauds and pretenders who maliciously deceive the country by projecting themselves as law-abiding, pro-people and pro-democracy statesmen anointed by Heaven to lead us.