Thursday, August 31, 2017

Duterte is overhauling the Philippines.

Duterte wants a "Con-Ass" (congressmen and senators to propose the constitutional amendments) to federalize and remake the Philippines.

Duterte rejects a "Con-Con" (freely elected delegates to propose the amendments).

His loyal executive assistants in the House and the Senate (Speaker Alvarez and Senate President Pimentel) bow and agree with him.

Early next year the congressional railroading by the pork barrel-fed and dynasties-infested Con-Ass will start.

By October they will hold the plebiscite.

Duterte's glorified legal research unit (presidential "constitutional commission"), led by former Chief Justice Puno and former Senator Nene Pimentel, will prepare the draft Constitution according to his agenda.

The Con-Ass will approve it, as scripted.

It is up to the sovereign Filipino people whether they would swallow, hook line and sinker, during the plebiscite Duterte's scripted constitutional overhauling.

Duerte will use all the resources at his presidential command to achieve his dream.


The Con-Ass, as a sovereign body, has the full power to tinker with any and all parts of the Constitution to pursue the hidden agenda of the Duerte camp, such as:

* the elimination of all election term limits,

* the abolition of the prohibition against political dynasties,

* restricting the expanded power of judicial review of the Supreme Court,

* expanding the war powers and martial law powers of the president,

* eliminating the exclusivity rule on the national patrimony to accommodate China in the West Philippine Sea,

* lifting the nationality rule re: ownership of land, mining and public utilities by aliens (mainly the Chinese) under an expanded discretionary presidential approval system,

* and many other crucial amendments that may revive the Marcosian principle of a "strong and overarching presidency" (akin to a "de facto constitutional dictatorship") vis-a-vis its co-equal branches (the Congress and the Supreme Court).

Duterte is overhauling the Philippines.

Filipinos must be prepared to oppose his hidden agenda to subjugate the Philippines.
MANILA, Philippines - President Duterte has completed his list of 25 members of the Constitutional Commission (Con-com), which includes retired chief justice Reynato Puno, who will study the proposed amendments to the Charter.