Thursday, August 31, 2017

Duterte refuses to learn from history.

Duterte follows the dictatorial pattern of his idol Marcos, who, after imposing martial law in 1972, forcibly took over all major businesses of the Lopez Family, e.g., ABS CBN, Meralco, The Chronicle newspaper.

Now Duterte is targeting ABS CBN and its mother/holding company BENPRES.

The Lopez Family funded Marcos' presidential candidacy in 1969.

His vice president was Fernando Lopez, brother of business magnate Eugenio Lopez Sr.

After three years [1972], Marcos declared martial law and impoverished the Lopez Family.

Marcos imprisoned Eugenio Lopez Jr. on trumped-up charges that the latter, in an alleged conspiracy with Serge Osmena, tried to cause the assassination of Marcos.

Marcos used Lopez Jr. as a hostage to force his father Don Eugenio to surrender his business empire to Marcos.

The old man died in great sorrow in California in the late 70s.

Since then the Lopez Family (with the help of the people of Iloilo, the roots of the Lopezes, and of the Western Visayas region, for that matter) has been a major supporter of the global freedom movement to restore democracy in the Philippines.

In 1986 EDSA I ousted the Marcos Dynasty and its cronies from power.

The rest is history.

Duterte refuses to learn from history.

As the maximum goes, he who ignores history is bound to repeat it.

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday announced that he is going after the holdings company that controls media network ABS-CBN over its supposed debt to…