Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"Suicide" inside Camp Crame?

A suspect who allegedly grabbed the gun of his police escort inside Camp Crame and who allegedly shot himself in an act of "suicide" was "negative for paraffin." It means he did not fire a gun.

Forensic evidence does not lie (unless manufactured).

His police escorts were also "negative" for paraffin.

Let's see what the "autopsy" report and "ballistic" report will show (assuming they would not be fabricated).

The PNP Internal Affairs Service (IAS) should be proactive in investigating this incident.

(The problem with IAS is that it is a very small office and it appears to be undermanned vis-a-vis the volume of administrative cases it is handling).

The PNP national headquarters is becoming notorious for the suspicious death of suspects and detainees inside its premises, the last incident being the gruesome murder of a South Korean business executive.

Change scamming....
Now it's suddenly intriguing.
No trace of gun powder was found on the hands of the suspected child rapist and killer who allegedly shot himself while in custody at the Philippine National ...