Sunday, August 30, 2015

Leila de Lima: Justice without fear or favor | Opinion, News, The Philippine Star |

See - Leila de Lima: Justice without fear or favor | Opinion, News, The Philippine Star |

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During her speech before members of the Makati Business Club, Secretary de Lima talked about inclusive justice. She said:
Justice cannot be for the few, or the rich, or the well connected. It must be for every man, woman and child regardless of social, economic or political background. Justice must not be corroded, it cannot be partial, it ought to be complete.
Inclusive justice, in truth, often imposes a heavy burden upon those mandated to implement it, for it requires equal application to all regardless – and at times precisely because – of the status of those who find themselves the subject of its scrutiny. The words ‘Justice without fear or favor’ takes on a whole new dimension when those who ought to have acted within the bounds of law, and should have shown utmost respect for it are the ones caught flouting it... thus becomes incumbent upon us, the vanguards of justice to discharge the sacred duty of proving that no one is above the law – not those in the executive, the legislative or judicial branch of government – and that no one can defy it with impunity. After, all between justice and impunity, there can be no choice.“
But, in front of the most prominent businessmen in the country she talked of a greater challenge especially for those who are rich and powerful. She called this responsibility of the elite as “inner justice.”
“Above all, though, we can only hope to succeed as collective only when the one essential component of “inclusive justice” is in place. This is the requirement of ‘inner justice.’ There is inner justice when we treat our spouses and children with respect and love. There is inner justice when we refuse to pay bribes regardless of the cost or inconvenience. There is inner justice when we give clear instructions to our lawyers, agents to not cut corners or engage in under the table transactions for the sake of business. There is inner justice when we stop rationalizing our actions but instead discern on what truly is the right thing to do. “
Institutionalizing the rule of law is not the sole responsibility of the government, but of the whole society, especially the rich and the powerful. Justice without fear  or favor can only be attained if the people especially the elite accepts this challenge of “inner justice.”
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