Sunday, August 30, 2015

Iglesia ni Cristo (INC)

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Social media is abuzz with the large protest by the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), first at the Department of Justice (DOJ) compound in Manila on Thursday, and now at the Edsa-Ortigas-Shaw area. As a result, widespread traffic was experienced by motorists and commuters who planned on enjoying the long weekend and payday weekend.

Because of the large scale of the protest (INC members from as far as Bicol, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, Zambales and Batangas joined the rally), politicians, journalists, and other personalities aired their thoughts via social media.

Ira Panganiban, a veteran journalist whose credentials range from ABS-CBN to Inquirer Radio, was not impressed. According to a viral list he posted on Facebook:

1. Everyone has to right to free expression.

2. Everyone has the right not to be inconvenienced by their neighbors.

3. When a crime or transgression of the law is committed, authorities must be allowed to investigate.

4. Separation of church and state is a doctrine created to PREVENT THE CHURCH from meddling in state affairs. Read your history and law books.

5. Filing of criminal charges are state affairs not church affairs.

6. Disruption of peace and order, blocking road routes, leaving trash after a public event, and just being a general pest to the public are violation of the law and just ordinary human decency.

7. Calling people who do not agree with you names and threatening them with harm and indecent action is called BIGOTRY.

According to members of INC, they are protesting the DOJ after Justice Secretary Leila de Lima ordered an investigation on the illegal detention case filed by expelled INC minister Isaias Samson against some of its leaders. Samson said he was accused of being behind a blog exposing alleged corruption in the church. Their battle cry: to uphold the separation of church and state.

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