Thursday, July 27, 2017

Duterte's anti-American hatred amounts to a psychosis.

Duterte used his SONA to provoke hatred in the hearts of the Filipinos against our treaty ally America and its people by needlessly raising the 1902 Balangiga (Eastern Samar) incident during the 1899-1903 Philippine-American War.

His anti-American hatred amounts to a psychosis.

He has not moved on after one hundred and fifteen years.

He praised China for the two “free” Pasig bridges it will allegedly build soon.

He skipped and ignored the “imperialist militarization” of the South China Sea and the West Philippine Sea by his new communist master China.

He hides from the Filipino people the sins of China against the Philippine national interest, i.e.:

* The neutralization of our UNCLOS-affirmed Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the resources of which, according to one report I have read, could amount to more than US $800 billion,

*The derogation of our national defense perimeters in the West Philippine Sea,

* The endless supply of shabu from China,

* The continuing cybercrimes by Chinese scammers,

* The multibillion smugglings from China of cheap, imitation and pirated consumer goods that happen in our ports and airports every week which deprive the government of precious revenues,

* And many other political and economic crimes 

that the shrewd and manipulative China continue to impose on the Philippines even as it makes hypocritical promises of peace, dialogue, aid and mutual respect.