Thursday, July 27, 2017

Duterte's SONA, a law dean's commentaries

I share the views of FEU law dean and TV5 law broadcaster/host Mel Sta. Maria with respect to the recent Duterte SONA. Read.

Mel Sta Maria
July 25 at 12:01am · Quezon City ·

This is just my opinion. I did not like the following ( as far as I can remember in the speech):

1.) The cursing;
2.) The cavalier reference to philandering;
3.) The fear card;
4.) The rich/poor card;
5.) The retribution eye-for-an-eye;
6.) Disregard for core human rights values;
7.) The silence on contractualization;
8.)The "sooner-or -later" West Philippine Sea Decision reference;
9.)The Balanggiga insertion;
10.) The De Lima reference;
11.) The non-talk on federalism
12.) The Obama-and-Trump comparison
13.) China
14.) attack on media
15.) no mention on minimum wage
16.) Sweeping statement on free hospitalization
17.) the death sentence
18.) the rape/carnage card
19.) the "I-do-not-have-to-make-them-happy" statement
20.) the generic "independent-foreign-policy-non-interference" mantra.
21.) the non-specification of the country's economic direction
22.) reference to the Davao-mayor--parochial perspective

Well , I also did not like the camera-shots of the President --- the eyes, the hands, the fingers... what's that all about? But maybe its just me. I am not artistic enough.

I like the following;

1.) the concern for soldiers and police;
2.) environment;
3.) mining;
4.) NPA rebuke
6.)Amendment to Procurement Law
7.) Enforcement of RH Law
8.) TRO
10.) Tax reform
11.) the proposed national land use bill

Maybe I just did not see it, but there was no standing ovation at any point in the speech.