Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hallucinating constitutional monarch

Somebody should teach Duterte, who pretends to be a lawyer, that the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) was created by the 1987 Constitution with the specific mandate to promote and protect Human Rights in the country and to insure compliance by the Philippine Government with its legal obligations under the International Human Rights Treaties and Conventions which the Philippines has ratified as a member state of the United Nations (UN).

Only the Constitution can abolish what it has created unless that sacred power has been specifically delegated by it to the Legislative.

Duterte should stop hallucinating that he is "The Constitution" or that he is "above the Constitution" or that he is a "Constitutional Monarch".
The CHR reminded Duterte that under the 1987 Constitution, the commission is mandated to investigate all forms of human rights violations involving civil and po...
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The Commission on Human Rights cannot easily be abolished as it will require an amendment to the 1987 Constitution.