Thursday, July 27, 2017

New World Order

When China insists that "outsiders" should not meddle in the South China Sea disputes what it means is that the world and Asean should just keep quiet and let China bully the small claimant states in the region to surrender to its terms and conditions even as it militarizes the entire South China Sea and monopolizes the exploitation of the rich marine resources thereof.

"Chinese Hegemonism and Imperialism" endanger peace and development in the whole of East Asia, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia.

The only way to counterbalance China's selfish and arrogant behavior as an imperialist bully is for the free states of the world to unite and control "Chinese Expansionism".

I refer specifically to our treaty ally America, as well as to Japan, India, Australia, Canada and other major freedom-loving UN member states classified as world powers.

Asean is helpless and useless. It is at the mercy of China in terms of economics and politics. The most that Asean can do is to issue summit statements couched in general and vague terms to avoid hurting the Chinese ego.

The Democratic West should unite against this "New Yellow Imperialism".

Two grave world dangers face mankind today: "Russian Putinism" and "Chinese Hegemonism".

Philippine President Duterte has bragged that he had aligned himself with the communist ideologies of Xi and Putin to establish a "New World Order".

May the Filipino people be vigilant against the destructive and undemocratic global directions where Duterte is leading them.
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